Saturday, 20 April 2013

You saw it here first... High yield missile rifles!

I'm back! Been far too long, but I wont bore you with excuses.

When I first started 40k, I started with a Tau Battleforce. For years, they have been in a box, waiting for a new codex. Two weeks ago, I got a boatload of new Tau, and today I have finally finished building them.

I had quite literally nothing to do at work this past week, so I decided to use the boss's time for a bit of mathhammer: Broadsides, Railguns vs Missilehands!

Turns out, Missilehands are much better, imo. More versatile, and they slap off hullpoints like there's no tomorrow. Only downside, you cant do anything vs AV14. Oh well, theres other units to handle that.

Anyway, I have always disliked the missile hands on Broadsides, both the old (metal and finecast) version and the new, high-yield one. So, I built the three new plastic ones that I got, with Railguns. Before I found out how good the missilehands were.

I was faced with a dillemma, because for me, this hobby is about the game, preferably winning it. But I can also be fairly particular about assembling models. I cannot stand mouldlines, or models with lame poses. Therefore, I wasnt gonna build any Broadsides with missilehands. However, I know from experience how much it sucks if your opponent uses everything in his army as "counts-as" something else.

Moment ago, the solution came to me! I got my razorsaw, superglue, drill and pins, and got to work. The result is as follows, and I for one am excited about it:

I know, I know, the pictures arent great, but I think they show the general idea :)
Let me know what you think!