Thursday, 10 November 2011

Concept 1750 Necron List

Picture 'borrowed' from here

Been a while since my last post, have been busy reading the new Necrons Codex ofcourse. Painting has taken a step back for the past week because of this, but I'm hoping to get started on the new models I bought on release day: the Command Barge and the accompanying Overlord.

I also bought Trazyn the Infinite, but now that I'm getting a bit of an idea where I want this army to go, I doubt I'll use him. Have yet to read most of the fluff, so some changes in direction might still be made, who knows.

Let's move on to the title topic. This is the first list that I've produced from the new book that I'm sorta content with. It centers around a large, slow-moving 'firebase' behind a pseudo AV13 wall, with several fast moving 'harassment' units moving on the flanks.

Phaeron Overlord   180
- Warscythe
- Sempiternal Weave
- Resurrection Orb
- Mindshackle Scarabs

Overlord   180
- Warscythe
- Catacomb Command Barge

20x Warriors   260

9x Warriors   232
- Ghost Ark

9x Warriors   232
- Ghost Ark

7 Canoptek Scarabs   105

Triarch Stalker   150

2 Canoptek Spyders   125
- 1 Fabricator Claw Array
- 1 Gloom Prism

Royal Court   105
- 3 Harbingers of Destruction

Annihilation Barge   90
- Gauss Cannon

Annihilation Barge   90

- Gauss Cannon

Total points: 1749

The Phaeron joins the 20 Warriors, making them Relentless so they get a threat range of 30". He is also been built for assaults, to help ensure the Warriors don't get sweeped too easily.

The Harbingers split up and join the 3 Warrior Groups.

The two Ghost Arks provide moving cover for the large group of footsloggers and a way to get troops to objectives reasonably quickly. They can also repair any fallen Warriors, and it serves as a gun platform for the units inside. Because they'll be moving 6" along with the large group of Warriors, the embarked unit can still shoot.

The Triarch Stalker stays close to the large group, threatening vehicles to stay away due to Melta range, and hiding behind the Ghost Arks for cover if needed.

The Command Barge and the Scarabs go around the flanks to harass some vehicles or unmoving units such as Long Fangs.

The Annihilation Barges advance alongside the large group, attempting to shoot anything that gets too close for comfort.

The Spyders add a bit more presence to the assault phase if needed, as well as psychic defense for the large firing base, and the ability to repair the vehicles or regenerate the Scarabs, provided those make it back to the large group in one piece.

I can't wait to try this out, I think killpoints will be ok, objectives might be a pain, but my Troops are quite durable with those Ghost Arks. We'll see =D

As always, thanks for reading, any comments are appreciated!

p.s. I can't wait for those Armybuilder files to come out!