Thursday, 27 October 2011

Yesterday's model... today!

Right, my one thing a day challenge is already off to a bumpy start. Life got in the way of painting a model yesterday, but I made up for it today! Even though I did cheat a bit :P

First off, here's the Necron Lord with the green rod added:

Then, here's the Grey Hunter I promised:

He's actually part of a Kill Team I've painted up for my local GW's 'Tale of Many Gamers'. We paint 200pts the first month, then another 300 next month, and from there 250pts each month, up to 1500. Here's what I've done this month:

A Lone Wolf with Chainfist and Stormshield
Grey Hunters pack
- 4 normal Grey Hunters
- 1 with Meltagun
- 1 with Mark of the Wulfen

And now for how I managed to still paint one model for yesterday, and one for today, without it costing me all day long:

Scarabs are models too ;-) As always, thanks for reading!