Friday, 30 September 2011

My 1750 Loganbomb list

The army-list I’m currently working on, practicing with, finetuning, is this:

Logan Grimnar                  275pts

Wolf Guard Pack             317pts
3x Power armor, combi-melta, powerfist
Arjac Rockfist

Grey Hunters Pack         200 x 3 = 600pts
                9 Grey Hunters
                Mark of the Wulfen
                Wolf Standard

Long Fangs Pack 1           255pts
                6 Long Fangs
                2 Multimelta’s
                3 Missile Launchers
Drop Pod

Long Fangs Pack 2           255pts
                6 Long Fangs
                2 Lascannons
                3 Missile Launchers
Razorback w/ TL Lascannon

Vindicator                          125pts
                Siege Shield

Total: 1747pts

The power-armor Wolf Guard join the GH units, Arjac joins Long Fangs pack 1, as does Logan.
I haven’t tried out this version with the Vindicator yet, I had two Lone Wolves (TDA/CF/SS) before, and although they performed quite well, I believe a Vindicator and a few more bodies in the GH units might prove more valuable. I tried putting a GH unit in a Drop Pod in case there were no targets for the bomb the first turn, but am probably never doing that again, since Logan and pals didnt arrive till turn 5... That's roughly 1/3rd of my army not even being on the table for 80% of the game. Combine this with bad luck all throughout the game, and I still cannot believe I managed to pull a draw from it

Well, if you have any thoughts on the list, comment away! Thanks for reading!